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Cole Avenue

Cole Avenue



Arriving earlier. Staying longer. Forcing me to chase the light.

This week I went back to an early morning ride through Hollywood. It feels like I’ve moved beyond the strip, literally and figuratively, and found more of what I’ve been searching for: someplace enchanted and broken all at the same time.
Raw. Just like what I feel and see around me.

This is what I feel when I pick up the camera: A sense of dislocation. The closing down. The torn flag on the pickup truck kind of sad. The broken streetlight days.

I started this project in a boulevard paved with stars and have slowly moved to the center, physically and psychologically, of the landscape of this place. I believe I can find a way back to tie it all together in the end. The journey one we take together--through the heart and through the mind.

Transformed by the damaged beauty around us. And somehow saved by it, too.

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