Jared Fortunato is a fine art photographer living in Los Angeles, CA. Ever since he was a boy, he used his environment as a way to understand himself and the world around him. His parents gave him his first camera when he was 10. That sparked a life long curiosity to interpret the world through photography. Trees, water, shadows, and light: these elements fascinated him. They still do.

He’s in love with the unconventional people, places, and landscape of Los Angeles. He finds the light transformative and the diverse topology a perfect canvas for creating photographic prints that reveal the beauty of the mundane and the magic of the everyday.

His sensitive and thoughtful approach to every encounter with his camera or his clients translates into art that does more than engage the eye. He believes photography can change perception, alter mood, and bring about states of meditation and calm.

To viewers and patrons alike, he offers a chance to pause, unplug, and if for even a moment, see the world as he does--as a place of magic and grace. Even in LA.  

In addition to his fine art practice, Jared works as a photographic educator. He offers workshops and instruction to students at all levels, passionate about sharing photography's unique potential as a vehicle for personal expression. 

Jared’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco. A member of the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, the Los Angeles Center for Photography, and the Association of Photographic Artists. He completed his MFA at the Academy of Art. Contact him below.