Weho Is

Got the postcards back from the printer. My goal is to put something lovely out in the world - and tell people about my current work.

One one side: an image from the Portraits of Weho project I started this spring, with a grant from the West Hollywood Arts Commission. On the other, a simple phrase: Weho Is:

Weho is - It’s a phrase that encapsulates for me what I think about when I think about this project. Weho is. It’s so many things to so many people. Depending on your perspective, it can be heaven or sometimes a little slice of hell.

I’m not immune to its problems, and I live through its disruptions and evaluations. And despite all that comes with living here, I can’t deny that when I wake up in the morning to the song of birds, or walk down streets shading in the arms of an elegantly scarred ficus, that beneath all the chaos and traffic lives a magnificent soul.

For me, right now, Weho is: Beautiful.